First day on the job…

The big day arrived!  I was up and eager to get under way for my big first day in my spiffy new job.  I’m not going to make it sound grandiose, because the truth is that it was pretty uneventful.

With my new boss out-of-town this week, we have manager from the Dallas area helping out.  Very nice guy, and he’s been able to answer several questions for me.  I settled into my office and cleaned things up a bit.  It was about this time that I realized I had left my work binder (with all my notes in it) back in MI.  So, until the relocation crew brings the rest of my stuff, I’ll just have to muddle through without it. 

After a stop at the store to buy a good pen and some legal pads, it was time for lunch and I had one place in mind: Bourbon Street Cafe.  I made a bee-line for downtown OKC.  Now, I should mention that by this time it was already 92 degrees out, which all the Okies tell me is freakishly hot for this time of year.  To which I always reply “so long as I don’t have to deal with 5 months of winter, I’ll deal with it!”  😉

Bourbon Street Cafe is in what is known as “Bricktown,” and sits right on the riverwalk.  In weather like this, how could I not sit outside in the breeze and watch the tour boats and ducks float by?  I ordered the blackened catfish, with a side of jambalaya.

Blackened catfish, w/ side of jambalaya

So delicious, and took care of the cajun craving I was having.  I can seriously see Bourbon Street becoming my new hangout.  I can also foresee myself gaining a LOT of weight here in OKC.  There are so many fantastic places to eat, and I’ve barely scratched the surface!

Following lunch, I walked to the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau, where I met Melita Brown and Holly Shelton.  They both, as did the admin, showed their OKC pride by wearing Thunder buttons, shirts, and/or jerseys.  Had a great conversation with them, and I look forward to working with them.

From there it was off to Easter Seals of Oklahoma City.  My first official Okie friend is Paula Porter, the President and CEO.  She gave me a tour, introduced me to staff and volunteers, and best of all the kids.  Granted most of them were down for naps (I was jealous) but they were all so adorable.  Paula also introduced me to her daughter, Kristin, who volunteers there as well.

After work, I met Paula, Kristin, and law student Nichole Moisant at a great restaurant called Iguana.  (I told you I’m gonna get fat, didn’t I?)  I think Nichole (my second official Okie friend) will be a valuable resource of inside info for things to do, places to go, and what to see now that I’m here.

Well, it was a long and exhausting day, but a good one.  I crashed early, unlike the rest of OKC, who had to endure 3 overtime periods before the Thunder beat the Grizzlies.  Day one is in the books.  Many more to come…

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