StL to OKC = Burn, baby, burn…

Well, I arrived in Oklahoma City Sunday night, safe and sound.  Well, sort of.  It’s not often that I drive for 8 hours straight anywhere, so it never occurred to me to put sunscreen on my left arm.  Driving west/southwest as I was, the sun was beating down on my left arm, which was chillin’ in the window as I drove carefree down the highway.  When I got to my hotel room, and saw it in the mirror, I knew I was in trouble.  Full blown lobster effect.  I later went to the store to get some lotion with aloe and vitamin E, so hopefully the damage won’t be as severe as it could be.

So, that aside, the trip was absolutely gorgeous!  I wish I had pics to share, but since I was at the wheel, that didn’t allow me to get out the ol’ camera.  Suffice to say that there are hundreds of beautiful miles of country between StL and OKC.  Rock formations, rivers, valleys…I can only imagine what it all looked like when the settlers were first working their way westward into what was then undiscovered country.

Upon arrival, I of course called mom and dad to let them know I was ok…you know…aside from the burn.  Then it was time to shower and find food.  Having been here just over a month ago, I had a pretty good idea of where to go.  Unlike last night in St Louis…no Hooters tonight, thank you very much!  I had someplace in mind, but on my way there, I saw a sushi restaurant, and sushi sounded SO good.

The place is called Shiki, and is only about a mile away from the Candlewood Suites.  The interior is very nice, and there were a decent amount of people there considering it was 8:30pm on a Sunday.  The menu looked very good, and there was plenty of variety to choose from; both in the form of sushi and hibachi.  I was in the mood for sushi, so that’s what I stuck with.  As some of you know, my “usual” at Sakura2 in Kalamazoo was the eel avacado roll.  However, I wanted to try something I’d never had before, so I went with a Tornado Roll (a sushi roll made with yellowtail, crab, scallion), as well as a Salmon Roe Nigiri.  Both of which were absolutely delicious!

Tornado Roll sushi, and Salmon Roe nigiri

Apparently, however, I had over stayed my welcome.  Between my server and the busboy, I was asked 5 times if I was ready to pay my check.  Yes, I know it was after 9 by this time, but there was still a group of patrons at a nearby hibachi station having a grand old time, so I’m not sure why I was getting the bum’s rush.  I didn’t argue, though.  I paid and left, and sadly because of this customer service lapse, I doubt that I will be back.  Which is a shame because that roe was good!

My tummy now stuffed, it was time to return to my hotel room, and get some rest for my first day at work.  I’m very excited to get to work, and see what kind of business I can drum up for the Candlewood Suites here in OKC.

Get ready, OKC.  I’m coming to see you tomorrow!

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