Tropical forest, banjos, and fried gator, oh my!

Well, my first week in OKC is in the books.  I’m still trying to get settled in at work, and in the process of getting all my computer access etc established.  I’ve driven around the area surrounding the hotel a bit, and even stopped in to see some of the competition.  (My Candlewood is MUCH better, by the way)


I’ve also continued to wander around downtown to see what more I can find.  Recently I went back to Bricktown, heading to my new hangout, Bourbon Street Cafe.  When I parked, I couldn’t help notice the American Banjo Museum across the street.  Welcome to my “to-do list,” Banjo Museum.  See you soon.

American Banjo Museum

I was hungry, however, so proceeded onward to Bourbon Street Cafe.  I love the atmosphere inside, the patio outside, and the jazz/blues music they play.  They also have live music in the evenings, but I have yet to experience that.

Those who know me know that I like trying new things.  So, when I saw Chicken Fried Gator on the menu, I knew EXACTLY what I was getting…  😉

Chicken fried gator, w/ red beans and rice

It was delicious, as was the side order of red beans and rice, and washed it down with a Zeppelin German Wheat Ale by Coop Ale Works, which was recommended by Tracie, my server.  I still miss Bell’s, but the local brews here are very good as well.  More on that to come…

Continuing my downtown adventure, I wandered past the Myriad Botanical Gardens, and decided to check it out.  For my Michigan readers who may be familiar with Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Myriad would fit inside Meijer’s tropical/orchid areas with room to spare.  But, considering the fact that this cylindrical greenhouse is in the heart of downtown, it is a tropical oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Myriad Botanical Gardens, OKC


One of several water falls inside Myriad Botanical Garden

Something I failed to get a pic of is the amphetheater area that is being constructed outside.  Should be a fun venue for events once it is completed.

Well, enough of this typing.  I’m going to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather, and see what else OKC has to offer.

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