Enrique’s Broadway Show: “A Comedy of Errors”

Well, I made it to NYC safe and sound.

I also made it to my hotel in New Jersey safe and sound.

The bad news is it took waaaaay longer than it should have, and it was no one’s fault but mine. It was quite the comedy of errors.

Upon leaving LaGuardia airport, I boarded a bus which was to take me to a subway stop, which it did…kinda. It *actually* stopped at a train station, which I mistook for my stop. So, I had to walk 9 blocks to the actual subway stop.

Once there, I knew I needed the E train. So, I found the platform for the E train, and got on. Sadly, it was the wrong E train. I, of course, needed the one going in the opposite direction. So I hopped off, crossed over to the other side of the platform, and got on the correct train.

Next up, I needed the A train to the Port Authority. Had I not been so tired, I’d have hummed Duke Ellington’s iconic tune. But I didn’t. Which is unfortunate. Duke famously told us that’s the way to get Harlem. I wasn’t going to Harlem. Yep, wrong A train. Hopped off, got on the right one, lathered, rinsed, repeated. Got off at 175th Street station.

Fun fact: when I exited 175th Street station, I was on 177th Street. Somehow, I must have found a crack in the time/space continuum, and moved 2 blocks through solid matter. I digress.

After another 2 block walk to the New Jersey Transit Authority, I patiently waited for my bus across the George Washington bridge to Englewood, NewJersey. Care to guess what happened next? No, silly, not the wrong bus. I was careful this time. I did not, however, get of at the right stop. This time a 14 block walk was the result.

And I survived. I checked in, and crashed. Tomorrow is a big day. Hopefully with fewer wrong turns.

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