Random Thoughts On A Tuesday Night…

Phonies annoy me.  I mean they really, really annoy me.  I try very hard not to hate anyone.  Phony people come pretty close, though.  And “fair weather” people, too.  Those you think you can count on, but the moment you need them, *poof* they’re gone. 

And pesimists.  I’m by no means a card carrying optimist myself.  I’m a self-proclaimed pragmatist, and willingly own up to it.  But I can’t stand people whose sole purpose in life is to bring the rest of us down.  Them, and drama queens.  I don’t need any more drama than what is already in my life, thank you, so please don’t manufacture any more.  Ok?  Thanks.

And cliques.  Can…not…STAND cliques!  Didn’t like them in high school, like them even less now.  Could the fact that I never fit into one have had an effect on my feelings regarding cliques?  Quite possibly.  And I wasn’t expecting to still have to deal with that garbage when I reached my forties, and yet…

So, what DO I like?

I like people like my friend Kristyn Parker-Meyer.  She and her husband, though still fairly young themselves, not too long ago adopted a teeneager.  Let that sink in a moment.  When most people who are looking to adopt a child are looking to adopt an infant, these two adopted a teen.  Took him into their home, and have made him feel like their own son since day one.

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying here.  I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you choose to adopt an infant and not a teen.  I’m simply saying I find it remarkable this couple was willing…no…eager to open their hearts to someone not too much younger than themselves.

Equally as remarkable to me is what Kristyn wrote in reference to November being “adoption month.”  She wrote: “Without adoption, I would not be mom to such an awesome child.  Thank you to Jake’s birthmom for brining him into this world and taking care of him until I could.”

Yeah.  That’s what I like.  People just like that.

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