A Very Weird Dream…

Before I chronicle the fourth and final day of my Vegas trip, I wanted to share a very odd dream I had.  This should sufficiently prove there is no need for me to take mind altering drugs.  I’m plenty weird without them…

The dream takes place back in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and for whatever reason I am back living with my parents.  Not only that, but we’re living on the old cul-de-sac where I last lived with them some 16 – 17 years ago.  We are going about our day, minding our business, when there is the roar of jet engines.  It’s quite obvious that the plane making the racket is way too low, so we rush outside to see what’s going on.  Once we get outside, we look up, and there above us is an enormous Boeing 878.  No, that isn’t a typo.  That’s what it was called in my dream.  Apparently it is so huge, so far and beyond the size of the new 787, they had to create a whole new number class for it.  See?  I told you my brain is off.  It gets better.

Not only is this jet plane flying ridiculously low, it then begins doing loops.  The bottom of each loop barely missing the tops of the neighborhood houses.  We then notice that each loop is getting tighter and tighter, until it is no longer looping but rather flipping backwards, nose over tail.  Eventually the flips slow in speed until finally it is right-side-up, stationary in mid-air.  The landing gear deploy, and it touches down on our street.

Let’s suspend logic long enough to ignore the fact that a jumbo jet (or in this case an “über-jumbo jet”) is incapable to float in mid-air like a Harrier jet, and focus on the fact that the street I’m referring to can’t accommodate a standard jet in real life.  I digress.  Moving on…

The crew and many passengers get off the plane for what is apparently a press conference celebrating the maiden flight of this massive aircraft.  For reasons I can’t now explain, mom and dad invite everyone inside for refreshments and to use our bathroom.  In the dream it seemed to make perfect sense, but now in my waking state I have to ask: “didn’t this ginormous aircraft have a bathroom and food service onboard?”  Again, I digress…

I chatted with the flight crew as others mingled about the neighborhood.  I remember at one pont someone suggesting we build a coffee shop between our house and the neighbor’s.  It seems to them it was the perfect location for those times a plane would land and passengers needed beverages.

Sadly, I can’t supply an ending for this story, nor tell you how (or even if) the plane took off again, for it was about that time that I awoke from this fairytale.  I’m amazed I remembered as much as I did since I usually forget my dreams as soon as I wake up.  I guess this one was strange enough to leave a lasting impression, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

You’re welcome.

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