T-minus 7 days, and counting…

Well, one week from today I will have my first official day on the job as the new Director of Sales for the Staybridge Suites in Oklahoma City.

I’m really looking forward to this new opportunity.  As some of you reading this already know, I was previously the DOS for the Staybridge Suites in Kalamazoo, MI.  My favorite part of that job was the ability to see a side of the city I had never known before.  I was meeting the people behind the companies I had driven past for years, and got to know what they did a whole lot better.  I got to see beyond just the name on the sign, so to speak.

A.M. Todd, for instance.  For decades I drove past their property, knowing I smelled mint, but not knowing why.  Then I learned they make flavorings for products made worldwide.

Or MPI Research.  I had heard of them, but had no idea how vast the spectrum of companies for whom they do drug, pharmaceutical, and product testing.

And then there is Armstrong.  Sure, I “knew” they did something with steam.  However, I had no idea the global reach of what they do, nor did I have a clue about the company culture that puts employee quality of life first and foremost.

As I look ahead to my move to Oklahoma, I wonder what I will find in those businesses that also call OKC home.  Whether they be Baker Hughes, the FAA, or the Easter Seals (shout out to my first official OKC friend, Paula K Porter), I eagerly anticipate meeting the people behind the business.  The individuals and teams making OKC tick.

Oklahoma City is still referred to as a “frontier town,” but believe me when I say it is on the cutting edge.  It’s a city on the move.  Growing, and emerging.  A city of opportunity…a lot of opportunity, and I plan to hit the ground running.

So, a week to go.  And I can’t wait to introduce myself to OKC.

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