And so the countdown begins…

The end is near…

Which means, so is the beginning.  In one week, I will drive in to Oklahoma City and start a whole new chapter of my life.

For forty years, I’ve called Kalamazoo, MI my home.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m very proud of this city.  As the state of Michigan sank into a recession, Kalamazoo was able to hold her own.  Sure, people lost jobs and companies closed, but it could have been SO much worse.  The people of this area have really fought, and struggled to keep from falling as far as some other regions of Michigan, and I truly hope that trend continues.

And I have every reason to believe it will.

Kalamazoo is home to Western Michigan University.  Over the decades, I’ve watched  not only the size of the student body grow, but the change in the size of the campus since I was a kid always strikes me.  And the growth continues as the planned WMU Medical School takes shape, pushed forward with an anonymous $100 million donation.  Yes, that’s one hundred million…with an “M.”

While impressive, the announcement didn’t come as a complete shock, since Kalamazoo is also home of the “Kalamazoo Promise.”  Nine anonymous donors created a trust six years ago.  With this program, if a child goes to school in the Kalamazoo public school system from K-12, they get a full ride to the Michigan college of their choice.  That’s the kind of philanthropic spirit that lives here.

Now, dont get me wrong.  I’m not so doe-eyed to think that Kalamazoo is perfect.  The city has its share of problems just like any city.  But what makes her special is the people.  In my 40+ years here I have had the pleasure to meet some of the best people a guy could ever hope to meet.  And it is those very same people I am going to miss so much when I leave.  I have friends I’ve known since I was five years old.  Friends I met at my first job twent-two years ago.  And friends I met just recently.  I’m going to miss them all, but hope to keep in touch through social media, and keep them up to date on what I’m up to through this blog.

So, I hope my blog becomes a positive place to visit for Michiganders and Okies alike.  It’s pretty sparce right now, but once I get settled in OKC I plan to spruce it up, and add lots more content.  So stay tuned, check back, or just plain subscribe.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy creating it.

2 thoughts on “And so the countdown begins…

  1. YAY, I am so excited that you are starting something new. I LOVE your entry and I will try to follow it …. now, if only I can remember!

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