Uninspired and Unrequited

It has been well over a year since I last posted anything on my site.  Since December of 2017, to be exact.  A great deal has happened, a great deal has changed since then, and yet I’ve been largely uninspired during that time.  There was certainly a lot about which I could have written, and many times I picked up my tablet to draw, but I simply lacked any remote desire to create.  Feeling inspired is a wondrous, almost magical experience.  The antithesis of that state is a nearly indescribable, and hollow.


Circumstances over the past couple months, however, have thrust me into a mode of introspection, self-analysis, and course correction, which has in turn led me to begin drawing again.


The first of two recent creations has a dual title, as the piece was created while dealing with thoughts and emotions about two unrelated, yet similar situations.  As I thought back over the years, and considered choices made, paths taken, and actions not taken, I began to wonder “what if” about those circumstances then, and how things would be different with what I know now.  “What if” feelings had been mutual, and not simply one-sided?  Years of hindsight can be an enlightening, and painful lens through which to look.


And so this drawing is titled “If I Had Known,” and subtitled “Unrequited.”



“If I Had Known / Unrequited” – Artwork by Enrique Martinez

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