The Grudge


Another grudge to be borne

On shoulders already weakened

By countless betrayals.

This predictable consequence

Sired by lies of omission,

Resulting in energy wasted,

And precious time spent

Never to be repaid.

The very definition of insanity,

His decision to venture again

Down the pathway leading to pain

Was as avoidable as it was foreseeable. 

Seductive eyes distracted him

From lips dripping with half-truths,

And oozing outright falsehood.

Whether she knew of his past tribulations

On this path of torment is immaterial.

What is certain

Is it was of no concern

When the moment came

For her to choose:

The potential of an unknown passion,

Or return to a failed, bygone path

Of her own. 

She made her choice,

And he instantly found himself

In territory all too familiar,

Though uncertain as to how.

He had made himself resolute

To never again tread this course.

And yet here he was,

Saturated with self-loathing.

This new grudge

Forcing the rest into submission,

Prompting new resolve,

Cautioning against ignoring

The past. 

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