The Big Day Is Nigh

Six days. Just six days. Less than one week from now as I write this, I will be running in my very first 5k race.

In a previous post, I spoke of my efforts to get healthier. After years of relative inactivity, my inability to climb three flights of stairs without getting winded had made it painfully obvious that I had gotten very out of shape and needed to address the issue. Far too many colleagues and clients, not much older than I, have needed to have heart procedures of varying degrees as of late, and I really don’t want to join their ranks.

I began exercising, walking, and added some running as well. I maintained back then, and still do, that my intention for training is simply to attain better health, not to participate in marathons and such. I’d like to eventually get to a point where, when running and I encounter one of the many co-ed runners in the area, I don’t have to give the polite wave which says “Hi, I’m fine. I know it looks as if I’m about to collapse and have an infarction, but I’m really ok. Honest.” I’d like to instead be able to give that look that says “Wussup? Too bad you can’t keep up, cuz I might consider letting you give me your number.” HA! I’m kidding. I’m mostly kidding. Ok, let’s call it 60/40 and move on…

In response to my post in which I mentioned adding running, my friend and fellow blogger, Stacy Burdette, reached out to me to see if I would be interested in running the Campus Classic 5k race at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. She was planning on doing it, and thought that having a running buddy would help her stay motivated, accountable, and make the race more enjoyable. I try to make it a point not to disagree with my friends when they make sense. So, agree I did, and I have officially registered for this year’s Campus Classic 5k. No turning back now!

I want to make sure to be perfectly clear: wherein I am concerned, there is a HUGE difference between “racing,” and “participating.” There will be those – many I am sure – who will be there to indeed race, and attempt to come in first place. I will be in the latter category. As a participant, I will certainly do my best, but am fully aware that doing my best will involve a great deal of walking, and I will simply be happy to finish.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve come a long way since starting my use of the Couch To 5k app, a.k.a. C25k. I no longer expect to collapse, gasping in a sweaty heap at the end of my workout. I’m no longer praying for the sweet release of death when I’m done with a run. At the time of my writing this post, I have completed four and a half of the eight-week course thus far. I’m actually behind schedule as I was sick for a while, and wasn’t able to run for nearly three weeks, but I’m already in a much better position to take part, and am confident I will at the very least finish the event before the course is re-opened to traffic.

So, stay tuned. In less than one week, you will either be reading a triumphant blog post recounting my first ever 5k experience…or my obituary. I jest. In six days, I will have participated in my first 5k. I’m looking forward to the new experience, and am especially looking forward to having a great morning with my friend Stacy.


3 thoughts on “The Big Day Is Nigh

  1. I ran my first 5k on Friday. Had just completed Wk5D2 the night before.
    I came in last place (like you I was there to participate not race) but I finished and that in my book is a success.
    As my friend told me afterwards, last place > did not finish > did not start.
    Good luck to you! Hope you enjoy the event! There is nothing like the feeling of crossing the finish line at the end of those 3.1 miles

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