Earthquake! (meh…I’m going back to bed)

The Artist Formerly (and now again currently) Known As Prince once asked the musical question: “Who in this house knows about The Quake?”  While he of course was referring to his dance, “Housequake,” and song of the same name, I think it would apply nicely to this morning’s events.

At 2:12am in Prague, OK, a little town 50 miles east of Oklahoma City, a 4.7 magnatude earthquake occurred.  While at the time of my writing this there have been no reports of major damage or injuries, it was felt as far away as Kansas.  I too felt it.  And I didn’t like it one bit.

Not because I was frightened by the notion of an earthquake, though that would certainly be enough reason.  No, I was unnerved because when the quake struck I was sound asleep.  As my building shook, my bed shook side to side with it.  This motion woke me up, and the sensation felt exactly as if someone had just sat on the bed and caused the mattress to move.  I live alone, so my brain told me I should not feel my bed moving like that.

The adrenaline quickly heightened my alertness level, and I instantly realized there was in fact NOT another person in my room with me.  It was then that I realize it was the whole building, and not just my bed, that was swaying.  Then it stopped.  Nothing fell over, nothing broke. 

So I went back to sleep.

It wasn’t until morning that I heard the details about it and the several aftershocks that followed.  I’m just thankful it was as mild as it was, and nobody was hurt.  Thanks to my friend and insurance agent, Shannon Lloyd, I have coverage so I’m good as far as that goes.

So, let’s see here: tornadoes, hail, over 60 days of 100+ degree heat, windchills in the teens, and now earthquakes.  Yeah, I don’t think I need to worry about OKC being a boring place to live.

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