Vegas Trip – Day 2

Tuesday, October 25


Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.


Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.


Alarm goes off. Fine. I’m up.

Morning came early, and my shoulders were complaining about the way I treated them the day before. I showered, dressed, and headed on down to the ballroom for breakfast, which was followed by the general session. Which included recognition of the year’s award-winning properties.


Trade Show. Went to the sales area and got info, and checked out the revenue management area, before touring around and checking out the vendors. On my way out, I swung by the Candlewood Suites area to see the sample displays of the renovations our hotels will be getting in the coming months. Very cool stuff.


Lunch, and attempt to get caught up on my blog. Succeeded on the former, failed on the latter.


Sales workshops. Having just had lunch, and still being tired from the previous two days, staying awake for these three classes was a challenge. Not for lack of interesting presenters, but rather because I was just pooped.


Extended Stay party at Tryst nightclub.

Having gone to the conference last year, unlike many of the other salespeople in the room, I had the advantage of knowing what to expect. (Last year, Directors of Sales were not invited to conference. I was there as a member of an award-winning hotel team) I may not have been the smartest man in the place, but I’m at least smart enough to not get sloppy in a room full of executives. Others were not as wise. I don’t condone over-drinking, but drunk people are fun to watch. And really, what do you expect to get when you have an open bar? Speaking of the bar, here’s a conversation that took place as I was waiting in line for beverage number 3 of 5:

Guy 1: “Can you imagine how much this party must cost?”
Me: “Likely more than I make in a year.”
Guy 2: “More like more than all three of us make put together.”
All together: “Cheers.”

There were a few random people who got up on the speakers to dance and, of course, were helped back down from the speakers by club security. Being Las Vegas there was, of course, a pole in one section of the club. Many, many people had their pictures taken on it. This is always a great decision in the age of Facebook and YouTube when at a party with coworkers, bosses, and their bosses. I hope none of them had future plans of running for political office.

Another trademark of Vegas, the waterfall feature, can be found inside Tryst nightclub. It seams wherever you go there’s a waterfall, fountain, or both. Which is endlessly amusing to me considering the constant drought in the area. Oh well. As long as it is there, I may as well have my picture taken in front of it with my friends Kristy and Jeanna. (picture taken with another person’s phone…will add once they email it to me)

About a half hour before the scheduled end time (and 1.5 hours before the time Tryst kicked everyone out, from what I’m told) I hit my energy limit, and had to head back to my room. Day three was sure to be another long day…

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