“You Can’t Get There From Here.”

In Michigan it is said there are two seasons: Winter, and construction. Well, I’m here to tell ya the folks in Oklahoma seem to have embraced the same credo.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m sure it will look beautiful once it is all done. But in the mean time, it can make getting around…interesting. In particular the area within walking distance of my new home.

Sadly, I had planned to do this blog using a video camera, but as was mentioned a few posts ago, I am having trouble getting the computer to accept the software needed to edit the video. So instead I am doing this traditional-style post with pretty pictures.

I live on the corner of Park Avenue and North Harvey. Here are some pictures of road construction in just a few block radius of where I hang my hat…

Or, to show it another way…

Home sweet home in the center marked blue, with all the construction surrounding it…

In order to go anywhere, by car or on foot, I must go around or through some sort of construction. And there are other concerns, such as the cut or broken gas line on Robinson on Saturday that caused several blocks to be blocked off. Or the false alarm at 2am that same night near the Devon Tower site. Or the banging, digging, drilling, loading that can be heard at some pretty inconvenient times of the day and night. All in the name of progress.

It needs to be done. I get it. It will be fantastic when it’s done. Absolutely. Until then, however, pass me a beer and some ear plugs.

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