A Whole New Medium (be very afraid…)

When I discovered by accident that my little digital camera also had the ability to shoot video, I was excited by the new possibilities this opened up, especially for my blog.  Sadly, the audio quality is NOT great, so I’m working on finding solutions or work-arounds for that problem. (thank you, Dan Moyle, for the tips and ideas…you rock, my friend!)

In the meantime, I plan to have a little fun with the camera.  Having said that, I hope you enjoy my test posting of a video. 

(pause, two, three, four…)

So, apparently I can’t upload the video here.  I’ll have to creat a YouTube account, post it there, and put a link on this page.  Hang on a sec…

Ok, so I uploaded it to YouTube.  I sure hope you can get to it.  Here’s the link:


If you were able to see it, I hope you liked it.  If you weren’t able to access it, please let me know so I can try to fix the problem.  If you saw it, but thought it stunk…..well…..I’m sorry but too bad.

Have a nice day!  🙂

2 thoughts on “A Whole New Medium (be very afraid…)

  1. At what point did you switch hats it looked seamless. I know I am anal with attention to detail. 😉

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