This Will Be My Final Blog Post…

This will be my final blog post.

When I began this blog, the purpose was to keep family and friends posted on what I was doing in Oklahoma City, and to educate my new OKC friends on where I am from. Well, I’m back in my home state of Michigan, so that purpose is no longer as germane.

I also used it as an expressive outlet; a way to get my thoughts and feelings out in the open – whether through written word or by creating images – the many times there was no one with whom I could share in person.

Now I find myself reflecting upon some of my previous posts, and it occurs to me: I can’t remember the last time I really laughed, or felt genuine joy. The fact that I have to think this hard to recall when it may have been is truly sad, and I need to rectify that. I need to focus within, and find things I enjoy. I need to get back in touch with what makes me happy. But first, I need to find out if that is even a possibility at this point. Having had both my heart and/or spirit broken far too often as of late, it sometimes honestly doesn’t feel as if it is. We shall see.

So, with that as my aim, I bring my blog to a close. I thank you for reading. I thank you for posting. And I thank you for the kind words and thoughts you’ve expressed. Best wishes to you all.


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