Queue The Mötley Crüe

It is really happening. After three years, nearly to the day, of living in Oklahoma, I am moving back to my beloved Michigan.

“I’m on my way,
I’m on my way
Home, sweet hooooome.”

I truly enjoyed my job here in OKC, and love the people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. But when a position opened up at a sister hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I had to go for it. Being too far from my mother, and too far from my friends, has taken a greater toll than I could have foreseen. So, it is with mixed emotions, but mostly happiness, that I am moving back to the Great Lakes State.

There is a part of me that feels a sense of guilt, that I am jumping ship from my current hotel, just as we were hitting our stride. A wonderful new manager in place; I was making good headway with some clients I’d been after for years…if nothing else, I am hopeful that I am leaving them in a position to continue to succeed long after I am gone.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know I have “acquaintances,” not friends, here in Oklahoma City. To a small degree, that is hyperbole, as I do indeed have two people I would consider good friends, and will miss them dearly. But I am greatly looking forward to being just a short drive from my best friends, and my hometown. Being able to soon hop in my car, and drive to see and do things that make me genuinely happy. Being able to enjoy the natural beauty that is Michigan. And then I will tolerate the winter.

For now, however, I am entering preparation mode. Getting things packed, and logistics arranged for the move that is a mere three weeks away. Using the interwebz to look for potential residences in my new city. Saying farewell to the people I’ve come to know here: fellow patrons of my favorite bar, the servers and managers, my favorite clients, some of my OKC acquaintances, and of course my two very good friends.

The next three weeks will be tough. They will be very busy. They will also be very much worth it.

Get ready, Michigan. Here I come.

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