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My apologies for neglecting my blog these past several weeks. I have no valid reason for not writing, only semi-valid excuses. Believe me, I had lots of things about which to write. I simply didn’t do it. Sometimes too busy. Sometimes too tired. Regardless of the “why,” I just didn’t get to it. Well, now I’m back and once again hoping to keep this up much more regularly.

The fact is, though it had bearing on keeping me too busy to write, a great deal did indeed happen since the last time I wrote, including a little road trip to Joplin, Missouri. While I surely needed a little time away, the trip was (in all actuality) a glorified “beer run.” As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, Oklahoma has some rather antiquated alcohol laws. Laws which prevent a lot of beer producers from shipping into the state. Therefore, there are many beers I like, or would like to try, which are not available on the Sooner State.

So, I drove 200+ miles to a store called “Macadoodles.” Certainly not the largest store, nor the largest selection I’ve ever seen, but they more than served the purpose as not only was I able to pick up several beers I’d never tried before, but I was also able to purchase some Michigan beers: Arcadia, Founders, and my beloved Bell’s.

The trip was a rousing success, but tarnished by the fact that it also marked the beginning of my week-long flu. When I got home that Sunday, I could feel I was in trouble, and sure enough I felt as if I were hit by a freight train by Monday morning.

Also of note during my blog hiatus, was my attendance of an OKC Ballet triple-bill performance. They began with a piece choreographed by NYC Ballet co-founder, George Balanchine, called “Rubies.” While it was certainly performed well, it simply wasn’t to my liking. That’s by no means a slight towards the dancers, it just means I didn’t care for the piece.

The third piece was the advertised highlight of the evening, as they performed the world premier of a production of “Carmen,” a ballet set to the famous music from the opera of the same name. Very well done, though there were a couple things I didn’t care for, I enjoyed it overall.

I know some of you are asking yourselves ” you mentioned the first and third, but what about the second work?” I saved that for last, because…wow.

An original piece, called “Exurgency,” was set to music of the same name by cellist Zoë Keating. This work truly spoke to me. I was transfixed throughout. The choreography looked and felt as if perfectly designed for…no, born from the music. While I enjoyed Carmen, it was Exurgency which rendered me speechless, and utterly moved.

Some new exhibitions have recently moved into the Museum of Art, including some photos by Ansel Adams, so I plan to make my way over to see it all very soon, and will be sure to post about it.

I will be going on a bit of a whirlwind tour in April, consisting of a trip home to see my mom and friends, a trip to Houston for work, followed immediately by a drive to Dallas to see a cousin perform at the House of Blues.

So come on back. I hope to have lots of good stuff for you to read!

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